My gaze battles the light

It burns my eyes,

yet I can’t look away

A promise of a better day begs me to stay

My muscles soften

as my belly grows

I sink deeply into contentment

My cozy chair

The soft cusion

I would like to play in the gray day

Escape my soft pillow

Step on the cold rocks

Get dirt on my clean socks

This machine firmly grips its claws

into my face as it laughs and cackles

I am imprisoned

But I possess the key to my shackles

If I stay, I am safe for I am already dead

Asleep in my head

If I leave, uncertainty is guaranteed

But the universe will continue to spin the big busy ball

Therefore the ground will return to my feet

Even if I fall

No more will I struggle to survive

Climb my towering mountains

The rough, unforgiving earth

My hands begin to bleed

Leaving a reminder on my shirt

That my heart still plays the beat

Ride the viscous ocean tide

The main ingredient of the great recipe

I am pulled underneath

It is a privilege to breathe

Looking to either side

Never again will it slip my mind

How it feels to be alive

Written by:

Cameron Clark

© 4/2018

(Photo art credit to: Lucy Cambell)

Cameron Clark is a long time friend of mine. I saw his words and they touched me so I decided to share them with all of you. Cameron is a musician, writer, adventurer, and care giver. If any of you have any poems or short stories that you feel could help to inspire or bring joy to someone’s life please e-mail me to my account.

I hope you all have a blessed and inspiration filled week!

Sending you all love and light,

Wild Antevasin

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